ProMax DCS01 DC Motor Speed Controller 36V 10A with Display

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Brushed DC Motor Speed Controller with real term display. Supports motor start/stop and speed control through a rotary knob. Plug and Play simple usage. Suitable for Brushed DC Motors, LED Light Panels and Drivers, Solenoids, other loads which can be controlled through PWM.

ProMax DCS01 is an entry level adjustable speed controller for DC Motor, LED Lights, and other loads which can be controlled by PWM Output. The controller has a hall effect knob for adjusting the motor speed and a display to show users the real-time set speed. It also supports motor start/stop using a switch embedded with the knob, setting Max. and Min. Motor speeds, user adjustable slow start and stop times, etc. This makes it versatile and suitable for multiple DC Motor applications.


  • Offers simple plug and play operation
  • Suitable for all Brushed DC Motors
  • Supports High Powered Loads upto 36V and 12A( do not exceed 300W of continuous load)
  • An External Switch can be used to stop and start motor
  • Adjustable Slow start/stop times are available for ramping the motor speed to prevent inrush current and increase motor life. 
  • The Max and Min Duty Cycle corresponding to 0% and 100% speed can be set to suit individual motor characteristics
  • PWM Frequency can be adjusted depending on user requirements. Adjusting PWM Frequency affects motor torque, life, noise, and characteristics and the user can set the frequency as required
  • Installed with Digital Encoder Knob
  • With Panel Mounting Case for easy mounting
  • 7 Segment Display offers excellent viewing angle and contrast in industrial environments
  • The output step size can be adjusted for coarse and fine input
  • The module includes a digital encoder knob to adjust the motor speed. This provides higher accuracy and zero variation with temperature compared to ordinary resistive potentiometers.


  • Brushed DC Motor Speed Control
  • LED Panel Brightness Control
  • Assembly/packaging control
  • Robotics, EV/HEV powertrains, etc
  • Numerous Industrial Applications to control PWM Loads

Package Includes

1 x ProMax DCS01 DC Motor Speed Controller 36V 10A with Display

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