DC Motor Speed Controller Board Module PWM 48V 20A

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Plug and Play DC Motor Speed Controller. Suitable for motors working up to 48V 28A of Current. Connect the DC Motor and control the speed using onboard potentiometer knob.
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This High Power DC Motor Speed Controller lets you control the speed of a DC motor using a Pulse Width-Modulated (PWM) DC voltage. It can be used to drive all DC Brushed Motors that work between 10V-48V DC and consume up to 20A of current.


  • Input supply voltage:10V-48VDC
  • The maximum continuous output current: 20A

Operating instruction:

  • Connect your DC motor (or DC load) to the motor terminals.
  • Connect a voltage of 10V-48V DC to the circuit making sure of the correct polarity of the connection. Note that the voltage applied to the motor will be supply voltage applied to the circuit. It is recommended to add an appropriately rated fuse inline with a positive supply in order to protect the circuit from any possible short circuits.
  • You can now control the speed of the motor through a potentiometer.


  • For Speed Control Of all Types of DC Brush Motors
  • For Controlling Automotive Cooling Fan Speed, Auto Fan Speed, Windshield Wipers, Auto Air Conditioning.
  • For Controlling Belt Speed, Pipeline Exhaust Fan Speed, Treadmill Speed, Multi-Speed Parallel Computer Fan, Electronic Fan Speed.

Package includes:

  • 1 x DC Motor Speed Controller Board Module (PWM, 48V 20A)
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