WS55-220 BLDC Motor Driver Controller 48V 500W Brushless Board

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This Controller can drive a BLDC Motor(with/without Sensors). Input Signals to drive the motor can be generated manually by swithes & potentiometers or through microcontroller.


This BLDC motor controller can be used to control the speed and direction of a Brushless Motor. It can start, stop, and reverse its rotation. Suitable for motors with and without sensors. A BLDC motor controller detects the position of the rotor either by using sensors (for example, a Hall-effect sensor) or senselessly. The sensors measure the rotor’s position and send out this data. The controller receives the information and enables the transistors to switch the current and energize the required winding of the stator at the right time.

The driver can be used independently using switches or can also be connected to a microcontroller/PLC to control the motor. The driver uses advanced technology and provides high speed, high torque, low noise, low vibration, over current protection, overload protection, phase line short protection, alarm output, speed signal output, positive negative rotation control etc.

This controller is designed to be used in Small Equipment, Electric Power Tools, Exhaust Fan, Jade Grinding Machine, Vibrating Motor, CNC Spindles, generic BLDC Control etc.


  • Rated voltage: Can drive motors between 20 to 50 VDC
  • Rated current: 12A
  • Current limiting: 15A
  • Maximum speed: 20000RPM( the specific speed depends on the motor itself and load)
  • Storage temperature: -20℃~+65℃
  • Usage environment: Avoid direct contact with dust, fumes, and corrosive gases
  • Working Temperature: 0-45℃
  • Humidity: < 80%, frost free
  • Shock: 5.9m/S2
  • Storage humidity: 0~95%RH

There are two modes of speed regulation:

    • External potentiometer: Speed is controlled through the potentiometer
    • External voltage: Speed depends on an external voltage signal(0-Vin)

Speed output PG signal: This Pin outputs a digital 5V Pulses depending on the speed of the motor

Alarm output ALM signal:There is an 5V alarm pulse to indicate a fault condition 

Power light: Geen indicates on, off indicates power offInsulation resistance: >100M at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure

Insulation strength: At normal temperature and pressure, 0.5KV, 1 minutes

Package Includes:

1 x BLDC Motor Driver Controller Module 3 phase WS55-220 ( DC 48V, 500W )

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Probots WS55220 BLDC Motor Driver

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