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Are you looking for circuit design services for your next hardware prototype or product? Probots offers professional embedded hardware circuit design services to start your project on a reliable hardware platform. We only need the product application, functions and constraints to deliver your circuit design.

We specialise in embedded circuits like - microcontroller circuits, SBC circuits, IoT sensor nodes, gateways, battery-powered handheld devices, wearables, BLE & WiFi devices, wireless products, sensors, AI & ML processors, motor drivers and controllers.

What circuits can we design?

Custom Microcontroller, SBC, SoC & SoM Circuit Boards

Experience working on Atmel, PIC, STM32, Nordic, and other Microcontrollers. Specialized in Single Board Computers (SBCs), System on Chips(SoCs) & System on Modules(SoMs) for specialised applications.

Wireless Communications Circuits

Can design circuits for wireless systems like Radio Frequency (RF), WiFi, BLE, GPS, LTE, 5G, etc. We offer onboard PCB Antenna Design, Spectrum Analysis, Wireless Design and Standard Conformity, etc

Actuator & Motor Control Boards

Customer Motor Controllers & Drivers for DC Motors, Linear Actuators, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, etc. Closed & Open Loop Control circuits.


Customised Sensor circuit boards for any applications. Specialise in sensor to MCU interface circuits, sensor loggers, sensor to cloud connection circuits, sensor interface circuits.

FPGA Circuits

Customised FPGA Circuits tailored for specialised applications.

Battery Powered Circuits

Low powered battery operated devices - wearables, trackers, loggers, etc


  • Specialised in Customised Microcontroller & SBC Circuit boards
  • Get instant responses and online quotes
  • Agile team to handle small to big projects irrespective of project size
  • Quick design delivery turnaround
  • Prepare BOM based on the target application, budget and volume
  • Design Services suitable for Prototyping, R&D, PoC, Production, etc
  • Experience in Wireless Circuit Design - BLE, WiFi, UWB, RFID, RF, etc
  • Design methodologies for low power applications
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM): yields, quality, reliability
  • Advanced assembly techniques: CSP, Flip-Chip, BGA, MCP/SIP
  • Test program and test hardware development and debug
Customised Circuit Development by experienced and professional engineering teamCustomised Circuit Development by experienced and professional engineering team
Customised Circuit Development by experienced and professional engineering team

What are some of the projects that we have previously designed?

  • Custom Microcontroller & SBC Boards, Extensions, Accessories
  • Wireless & IoT - BLE, WiFi, UWB, etc
  • Custom Sensor Nodes & Loggers
  • Display LCD TFT ePaper Circuits
  • AI & ML,Audio & Vision Processing Modules
  • Motor Controllers and Automation
  • Analog & Digital Processing Circuits
  • Special Purpose Machines

Why should you get your circuit designed from Probots?

  • Preparing a circuit is the first step in hardware product development. It forms the base platform on which your embedded product runs. Getting a solid circuit design directly translates to a reliable final product. Our huge experience in circuit design will help you get a reliable hardware platform for your next electronics product.
  • Our core experience in circuit design ensures our circuits are Ready and Feasible for Manufacture(DFM). Our agile development focus ensures the circuit design is delivered in a short lead time.
  • We have observed that big companies have the resources and teams to design good circuits, but lack an agile focus on new hardware development. Startups have complex requirements but lack the expertise to design reliable circuits in a competitive market. A core team specialising in circuit design will give you the difference required for a successful circuit. This is exactly what we offer every client.
  • Good circuit design requires a perfect understanding of the customers' domain knowledge - core automobile, medical, industrial, or consumer fields. Our team has the capability to understand and deliver embedded solutions to any new and upcoming domains.
  • Inexperienced circuit designers usually make the mistake of setting unreasonable goals for circuit features and project timelines, which usually results in failed projects. We offer realistic goals within reasonable timelines right from the start. We strongly believe that delivering a circuit that works for our clients is clearly in our interest and we work towards it.
  • Many of our clients have successfully partnered with us for circuit design and dedicated their specialised in-house resources to the other spheres of product development where they have proven experience.
  • All departments of product development require coordination for smooth completion, getting it done by a single team saves a lot of effort for customers. The saved effort can be put towards the core strengths of the company - identifying new opportunities, finalizing feasibility studies, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, etc .
  • We offer additional hardware design services like - complete Turnkey project management, end to end product development, firmware development, etc. Getting the complete hardware product designed by Probots will save you time and effort. Contact us to get an online estimate for your product development services.
Get Complete Hardware Design Services from Concept to ProductionGet Complete Hardware Design Services from Concept to Production
Get Complete Hardware Design Services from Concept to Production. Single point of contact for all your hardware development greatly reduces the Time to Market

What are our Design Capabilities?

Our speciality lies in taking up challenging circuit designs and delivering them under short lead times.

  • Generic analogue and digital circuits
  • New age wireless circuits - WiFi loggers, BLE Loggers, IoT Sensors and Nodes, LoRa Modules and Gateways, etc
  • Customised Display Circuits with LCD, TFT, OLED, ePaper, etc
  • Motor Drivers, Controllers and Special Purpose Machines
  • Industrial Automation Circuits
  • Application-specific sensor circuits
  • Research, Prototype & PoC Circuits
  • 1, 2 and multilayered circuits
  • Developing complex and custom symbols, footprints and layouts
  • Ability to simulate & estimate heat radiation, wireless range, power consumption, and battery life during the design stage.
Circuit Designing for Automobile, Industrial, Consumer & R&D

Our Advantages?

  • End to End Product Design and specialised electronics Turnkey Projects is what we do every day. Circuit designing is one part of this process and we have huge experience in the domain.
  • We enjoy working on new and upcoming technologies in circuit design. We look forward to taking up challenging projects that traditional design houses hesitate with.
  • Probots is based out of Bangalore, India and we have always been lucky to have access to the best & talented engineers. 
  • Proximity to large electronics PCB Fabrication houses gives us a huge geographical advantage.

How to get your circuit designed by Probots?

Planning to get a circuit designed by us, just contact us online with your requirements or drop a mail to [email protected] We will immediately get back to us with further details required to start your project.

The following details will help us understand and quote accurate lead times for your project -

  • Applications and End Use - to understand and analyse your requirement and suggest recommendations about the feasibility
  • Detailed Functional Requirements - explain every feature you expect from your circuit to perform
  • Constraints - Final Size requirements, available power supply options, portability and recharging options if applicable
  • Volume & Final Production Cost - if you are looking to manufacturer your product in specific budget
  • Expected Deadline and Budget - this will help us quickly understand & meet any specific requirement that you may have
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