6N137 Optocoupler High Speed Single Channel Optoisolator IC

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6n137 is a photocoupler also known as optocoupler that is used to connects the two electrically isolated circuits with the help of light.It consists of 8 pins where inputs and outputs terminals are electrically isolated which help in controlling the large power, current and AC voltages with small digital signal.It is great electronic device with is used for both AC and DC signals and allows low voltage signals,6n137 is widely used in energy generation and energy distribution.

Specification/Features :

  • Ground loop elimination
  • Data multiplexing
  • LSTTL to TTL, LSTTL or 5-volt CMOS
  • Switching power supplies
  • Very high speed – 10 MBit/s
  • Superior CMR – 10 kV/µs
  • Double working voltage -480 V
  • Wired OR-open collector

Package Includes:

1x6N137 Optocoupler

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