32 Channel Servo Controller Board PS-2 Control USB/UART

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This controller makes it easy to control upto 32 Servo motors in your project. All the servos can be controlled through multiple sources - USB for PC Interface, UART for microcontroller, bluetooth and wifi modules, PS2 Joysticks, etc.
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Servos are simple and easy to control. When the number of servos increases in your project, it becomes slightly complex to manage them through a single controller. This 32 Channel Servo Controller allows you to control upto 32 servos through a single UART port. Great for building humanoid, robot arms, hexapods, complex servo projects, etc This board handles the servo controlling and lets your controller solely handle the project-specific functions.

Since this controller accepts commands through UART, you just require 2 IO lines from your microcontroller to control 32 servo motors. Multiple alternate input sources are available  -

  • UART Port: for interfacing with MCU like Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, etc
  • USB Port: for interfacing with PC and Laptops. Customised software is available to control the motors graphically. Advanced users can build thier own software or interface to MATLAB through the COM Port using device commands specified in the datasheet
  • Bluetooth: Compatible Bluetooth modules can be used to control the servos through a dedicated app
  • WiFi: Compatible WiFi modules interface with your phone/computer
  • PS2 Joystick: Directly plugin in your compatible joystick to control the servos



  • Greatly simplifies servo control. Users can use this board to handle the servo driving, and concentrate on core functions of their project
  • No of Channels: 32
  • Multiple Input Sources - UART, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, PS2 Joystick. Users need to buy these modules additionally. They are not included in the package
  • Operating Voltage: 5V





Action groups that can be save


Control accuracy

1 us

Signal isolation protection

Low voltage alarm

Current limiting protection




External digital sensor interface


Bluetooth、Wifi、Wireless remote control handle

√(Need to purchase additional modules)

System support

Windows 7 or late
Mac OS 10.8 or late
Linux(kernel 4.0 or late)


Red – MCU power LED
Green – Servo motor power LED
Yellow –Wireless remote control handle LED


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