ProMax CSG3 4-20ma Current & Voltage Signal Generator

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This is a Handheld Signal Generator and Measurement Tools. Can generate variable voltage or current signals between 0 to 10V DC or 0 to 22mA. Multiple powering options - USB, Battery, External Power 24V. Used for Testing, Debugging and Building Circuits with 4to20mA Sensors, PLCs and Control Panels.

ProMax CSG3 is an accurate pocket size current & voltage generator and also a measurement tool. This is a commonly used test equipment for electrical engineering and technical personnel during the installation, debugging, overhaul, and maintenance of electrical equipment on site. 

It has a colour-clear LCD screen, a large capacity rechargeable Li battery, and a Micro USB port. The signal generator meter has Fast Output Mode, Manual or Automatic Output Mode, Curve Output and Signal Conversion function. The measurement and display accuracy is upto 0.01mA & 0.01V. With a simple button layout, portable enclosure, and precision display, it is an ideal simple calibration meter for industrial sites.


  • Generates User Adjustable 0 to 24mA Current and 0 to 12V Voltage Signal
  • Can also measure both voltage and current signals for calibration and troubleshooting
  • Multiple Display Screen Layouts for different applications
  • Adjustable Current Output: 0-24mA source/sink signal output,0mA and 24mA Signals can be used to simulate Fault and Out of Range signals
  • Adjustable Voltage Output: 0-12VDC, Fixed 24V output for device calibration
  • Max Current And voltage: 0-23mA 0-30V input measurement.
  • Internal polarity Reverse connection and Over current protection; Protection voltage 30V
  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery, Micro USB Connector for charging
  • Supports 2/3 wire 0-22mA sink or source signal 
  • current voltage signal conversion functions included.
  • 0.01mA, 0.01V accuracy for signal output and input measurement.
  • 2000mAH 3.7V rechargeable inbuilt battery Battery Charge Indicator. USB Charging is available.
  • Large clear colour LCD display input and output signal Displayed.
  • Offers easy and convenient handheld operation
  • Has one button fast output, automatic ascending, descending and cycling output mode.
  • It can be used to generate preset time v/s current signal curves to simulate dynamic signals.


  • Multifunctional Sensor Calibrator: Can be used to calibrate process display controllers and sensors working on 4 to 20mA or 0 to 12V voltage signals
  • Multifunctional Sensor Simulator: Simulate multiple sensors for troubleshooting and debugging systems. Using this calibrator, engineers can identify the fault in the sensor, controller or wiring by simulating sensor output signals and running carrying out test procedures.
  • Hand-Held Operation. Small enough to fit easily into a tool bag and to use in tight spaces. Runs an entire shift on a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. Great for testing on the field.
  • 2 operating modes:  Measure & Source (generate) —enable technicians to troubleshoot, calibrate, generate and measure signals with just one tool
  • The signal calibrator can output a user-defined signal when a user enters into signal value through digit buttons. 
  • Debugging of industrial field PLCs
  • Process Instrumentation: Signal Generators, Signal measurement, Valve Adjustment, Inverter control
  • PLC & Control Panel debugging by bypassing sensors and sensor calibrations
  • LED & Equipment Testing or Control
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