ProMax SK80 Buck Boost Converter Module with Display Power Regulator

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ProMax SK80 is an Adjustable Power Regulator board with a Display. It works automatically in stepup and setup down modes to produce the user set voltage at the output. Comes with both constant voltage and constant current modes. Suitable for building customised power supplies, battery chargers, motor speed controllers, etc
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This module works as a step-down or step-up converter to maintain the set output voltage. If you want a constant output voltage and current from a variable power input, this module will perfectly suit your application. 

As an added feature, this module comes with a display for viewing the input & output voltage, current, power, wat, time, etc. The module features a nice knob that can be used to set the desired output voltage and current. Unlike other converter modules which involve a tedious process of turning a potentiometer using a screwdriver and checking the output voltage using a multimeter, this converter provides easy and quick operation. Connections are also simple - it has 2 pins for input voltage and 2 pins for connecting the output voltage.

The design of a buck-boost converter is similar to a buck converter and boost converter, except that it is in a single circuit and it usually has an added control unit. The control unit senses the level of input voltage and takes appropriate action on the circuit based on that voltage.

This DC-DC buck-boost converter has an LCD display that helps you display the converted output.


  • Input voltage range: DC 5.0V-30V (under-voltage protection below 4.7V, it is recommended that the input voltage be higher than 7V, else the output power will decrease).
  • Output voltage range: DC 0.6V-30V
  • Output current: 0-4.0 A
  • Output power: 35W under natural heat dissipation and 50W under air cooling
  • Voltage accuracy: ±0.5%+1 byte, resolution: 0.01V, factory calibrated accuracy
  • Current accuracy: ±0.8%+3 bytes, resolution: 0.001A, factory calibrated accuracy
  • Conversion efficiency: about 88%.
  • Output anti-backfilling: Yes, it can be directly connected to the battery.
  • Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes, it can be directly connected to the output terminal.
  • Temperature Protection (OTP): Yes, 100°.
  • Working frequency: 180KHZ


  •     Battery charger
  •     LED drive power
  •     Instrument voltage display
  •     Test meter
  •     Circuit test
  •     Power conversion

Package Includes:

1 x ProMax Buck-Boost Converter Module SK80

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