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Turning Brilliant Ideas into Commercial Reality is what we do!Turning Brilliant Ideas into Commercial Reality is what we do!
Turning Brilliant Ideas into Commercial Reality is what we do!

At Probots we design custom Electronic Hardware products, from requirement analysis, prototype and pre-production engineering, right up to product launch and manufacturing. We work on customers’ product ideas/requirements and build great physical products for them.


We provide turnkey Electronic Product Design from concept to production of an industry-compliant product ready for sale in the market. Being a small design house, we are flexible and can help you get your Proof of Concepts, Proof of Workings and your Final Product for Market in a rapid agile environment.


Are you a Business, Startup, or Company looking for embedded design services? Send us your requirements online and we will immediately get back to your on how can help you! 

Probots Product Design Engineering Services StepsProbots Product Design Engineering Services Steps
Order Design Approach - Simple Steps to get your Product to Market

What we do?

If you have a requirement to develop a hardware product, contact us now and we will help you build and realize the product. We specialize in working on new and emerging technologies and have demonstrated experience in working on challenging projects.


Probots has various clients in USA, Australia, India, Qatar & UAE. We have partnered with numerous technology startups and helped them get their product ideas to the market. We have worked on various embedded technologies and solutions which are now being manufactured by customers under our ODM/OEM services. We are proud to have designed numerous electronic products which are currently being sold successfully in the market.

We concentrate primarily on Consumer, Industrial, Medical and Aerospace domain projects. We have previously worked and developed projects like - 

  • Automation Products - Home Intrusion Alarm, Smart Door Locks, Kitchen/Hotel Automation,  IoT Room Environment Monitor,  Autonomous Industrial Vehicles
  • AI & ML: Machine Vision, Pattern recognition, Voice Assitants, Smart Kiosk
  • Wireless Products - GSM, 4G LTE based Product, GPS Tracker, Pet and Asset Tracker
  • Wearables - Health, Exercise Monitors and Loggers
  • Medical Devices - Automated Health Monitoring and Notification Machines
  • Industrial Automation - Customised Test Jigs, Life Cycle Test Machines, Assembly Line Automation Systems, Preventive Maintenance using IoT
  • IoT Products - Room Environmental Sensors, Sensor integration with AWS/Assure/Google Cloud for Monitoring, Machine Learning, etc
  • Smart Elevators and Escalators Controllers, Displays with Cloud Integration

Professional Circuit &

PCB Designing

End to End Turnkey Projects

Custom Embedded Electronics Projects

Microcontroller Firmware Development

All of the services we offer is engineered in-house by our technologists and electronic engineers. This makes everything comparitively more efficient, enabling us to offer rapid development services.

We have the Skills, Creativity, Experience and Problem Solving Intelligence to deliver Product Design Solutions that are Innovative, Commercially Viable, Practical and Successful.

Our domain expertise in Engineering Embedded Products and development gives us an edge over other companies. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best-engineering-practices, and strong relationships with customers.

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