Mini Vibration Motor - Round Coin Button Type 10mm

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This is a tiny round coin size vibration motor. Use it to provide vibrational alerts. It comes with a double sided tape on the bottom side which can be used to attach this motor to any flat surface. When powered, the vibration motor causes the attached surface to vibrate. This motor works with an input voltage as low as 2.5V and at higher voltages it vibrates like crazy! It has wire leads coming out from its body which can be used to solder the motor to a PCB.


  • Rated voltage: 3.0VDC
  • Maximum Working Voltage Limits: 2.5-4.0VDC
  • Rated load: eccentric hammer
  • Rated speed: 12000+/-2500RPM
  • Rated current: 70mA Max
  • Stall current: 120mA Max
  • Insulation resistance: 10M ohms Min
  • Terminal resistance: 30 ohms
  • Small size makes it easy to mount in or on your project
  • Low noise level enables feedback without unwanted distractions
  • Rotates both CW and CCW for ease of use and installation
  • Video game controller
  • User input feedback
  • Touch Sensory

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