LTC3780 Auto Step Up + Down/ Buck + Boost Voltage & Current Regulator

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This is an Intelligent and Automatic Voltage and Current Regulator. You can set the required output voltage between 1V-30V and provide any input between 5V - 32V and the module will automatically maintain the output voltage. You can also set the required output current.

This module switches between a step-up(Boost) and step-down (Buck) Converter as per the input voltage to provide a fixed output voltage. So irrespective of the input voltage (as long as it is within the working range for the module) this module will maintain the user set output voltage. These feature makes this module a great power supply for electronic projects, battery chargers, and led drivers, notebook power supplies, vehicle power supplies, solar chargers, etc.

The Faulty Led is ON by Default because the UV pot is set to the Undervoltage within the range of 4.5v, if the input voltage is allowed to fall below approximately 4.5V Fault Led will turn ON, if the Input Voltage is above the UnderVoltage then Fault Led will turn off and Ok Led will turn on.

Please use an external heatsink and fan if you are drawing high power and the temperature for the module increases beyond 65 degrees Celsius. Advantages:


  • Input voltage: DC5-32V;
  • Output voltage: DC1V-30V continuously adjustable; the default 12V shipment
  • Output current: 10A (Bursts) , Continuos: 8A
  • Output power: 80W, peak 130W, more than 80W please use external heat dissipation
  • Output ripple: 50mV (12V turn to 12V, 5A measured)
  • Short circuit protection:YES
  • Input reverse connection protection: No
  • Output prevent reverse connection protection: No
  • Operating temperature range: -45 ~ +85
  • The input uses a replaceable fuse to protect power supply and equipment;
  • The whole electrolysis use patch, low resistance, high-frequency capacitor, to make the ripple down to the freezing point;
  • Constant voltage, constant current, under voltage protection (MPPT is more suitable for solar charging)
  • The output has error indicating lamp,it will light when the output voltage drift too serious, short circuit and other fault;
  • Inductor uses iron silicon aluminum, 0.8 double winding, generate less heat.


  • High-power LED driver.
  • Lithium battery(or lead accumulator) charge.
  • Vehicle-mounted power supply.
  • Low voltage system power supply.
  • 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charge.
  • On-board laptop power supply.
  • Regulated power supply.
  • Low voltage power supply system.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x LTC3780 Auto Step Up + Down/ Buck + Boost Voltage Regulator
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