BC548 NPN Transistor

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One of the most commonly used transistor - the BC548. Use it to drive buzzers, small motors, circuit boards, LED arrays, etc from an Arduino/microcontroller or TTL signal.

BC548 offers lower noise compared to BC549 and BC550 transistors. It can be used as a general purpose switching and amplification transistor. BC548 comes in a TO-92, SOT54 plastic package.


  • Low current (max. 100 mA)
  • Low voltage (max. 65 V).

BC547 Absolute Maximum Ratings:
  • VCBO (Collector-Base Voltage) = 50V
  • VCEO (Collector-Emitter Voltage) = 45 V
  • VEBO (Emitter-Base Voltage) = 6V
  • IC (Collector Current) DC = 100 mA
  • PC (Collector Power Dissipation) = 500 mW
  • TJ (Junction Temperature) = 150 °C
  • TSTG (Storage Temperature) = -65 ~ 150 °C

  • General purpose switching and amplification.

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