2N7000 N Channel MOSFET TO92 Package

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This MOSFET is perfect for controlling high voltage loads like Motors, LED Lights, Solenoids, other circuits from the digital output pin of an Arduino, Raspberry pi, or any other general purpose micro controller. In switching circuits, these FETs can be used much like bipolar junction transistors, but have some advantages: low threshold voltage means no gate bias required, high input impedance of the insulated gate means almost no gate current is required, consequently no current-limiting resistor is required in the gate input.


  • Drain-Source Volt (Vds): 60V
  • Drain-Gate Volt (Vdg): 60V
  • Gate-Source Volt (Vgs): ±20V
  • Drain Current (Id): 0.2A
  • Power Dissipation (Ptot): 350mW
  • Type: N-Channel

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