ZMCT103C 5A AC Current Sensor Transformer Module

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ZMCT103C is a hall effect transformer for measure AC Current. This module uses the transformer, amplifies the signal to voltage, which can then be read by a microcontroller. Great for building AC current sensing, energy monitors, loggers, home automation systems, etc
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ZMCT103C is a current transformer for measuring AC Currents. It is a high precision, isolated, and easiest way to measure the current flowing through an AC Wire. Just pass the wire to be monitored thorugh the transformer and you can start reading the current through it.

The ZMCT103 CT (current Transformer) provides high accuracy and high isolation (4500 volts) making it perfect for your next AC current monitoring project.

The AMCT103C transformer outputs a current signal which is in the ratio of 1000:1 to the measured input current. This output cannot be directly interfaced with a microcontroller. This module converts the transformers current output to a voltage output that can be ready by the ADC of a microcontroller. It also provides onboard amplitude adjustment that can be used to vary the current range being monitored thus increasing resolution.

This module is a high precision op-amp circuit board that does accurate sampling for the signal and appropriate compensation and other functions.
The module can measure within 5A current communication and the output amplitude can be adjusted as required. This module has a ratio of 1000:1, which means a 5A AC input is indicated by 5mA at the output.


  • All external components required to use the ZMCT103C are implemented onboard. No additional circuit is required to measure the current. This module allows you plug and play usage 
  • Using a current transformer is one of the easiest ways to measure current. No need to cut/modify the existing cable to measure the current
  • Module allows variable output amplitude adjustment through an onboard potentiometer
  • Output Type: Analog
  • Working Voltage: 5V ~ 30V
  • Rated Input Current: 5A 
  • Rated Output Current: 5mA 
  • Ratio: 1000: 1
  • The Linear Range: 0 ~ 10A 
  • Linearity: 0.2%
  • Accuracy Class: 0.2 
  • Isolation Voltage: 3000V
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 70°C
  • Size: 38mm x 18.5mm


  • Current, Power, And Energy Monitoring Device
  • Current Measurement
  • Precision Power Meter
  • Great for building AC current sensing, energy monitors, loggers, home automation systems, etc
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