Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZ21WA Nylon G1/2" Flowmeter

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Use this flow sensor to measure the rate to flow of liquids. The sensor has a digital interface which makes it simple and easy to connect it to a microcontroller, Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. It requires no extra circuit to start measuring liquid flow rate. The sensor will have to be attached in the liquid line whose flow is to be measured. A pinwheel inside the sensor moves as the liquid flows through the sensor. A hall effect sensor within the sensor senses the rotation of the pinwheel and outputs a digital pulse for every rotation. By counting the pulses from the sensor, you can easily sense liquid flow through the sensor. This allows easy interface to microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc .

The sensor comes with three wires - Red (5V-12V), Black (Ground) and Yellow (Output pulse)

This sensor is great for water testing, water cooling systems, measure liquid flow, etc


Test range:1~30L/min(m³/h)
Connect way:57.8*37*37mm, G1/2 outside diameter
instantaneous flow pulse characteristics:F=[10Q]±10%, F means instantaneous pulse value(Hz),Q means instant flow
Max. Working current:15mA
Insulativity: insulation resistance≥100MΩ
Use voltage:DC 5V
Fit media:water
Working pressure:1.75MPa
Output signal:moder

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