XL4015 Variable Voltage & Current Step Down Power Module Display

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This is the Constant Voltage and Current Output module. Use this module to step down an input voltage between 7-30V to an output voltage of 5-30V. Two onboard potentiometers can be used to set the desired output voltage and current by the user. The module can also regulate the maximum output current to be supplied between 0.2A to 5A. This power regulator comes with a nice big LED Display on top which displays the output voltage and current. Great for monitoring the current and voltage being drawn by your load - project, motor, robot, etc. The display also lets you adjust the required output current and voltage easily. These features make this module a great power supply for electronic projects, battery chargers, and led drivers. Please use an external heatsink and fan if you are drawing high power and temperature for the module increases beyond 65 degrees Celsius.


  • Non-isolated step-down constant current, constant voltage module (CC-CV) charging module
  • Color: as the pic shows
  • Input voltage: 7-30V
  • Output voltage: 5V - 30V (Adjustable by the user using onboard potentiometer)
  • Constant Output Current: 0.2A - 5A (Adjustable by the user using onboard potentiometer)
  • Output Power: Maximum power is about 120W (Please add external fan is current draw is high and module reaches temperatures greater than 65 degree Celsius)
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to about 95% Output short circuit protection: Yes, constant current
  • Input reverse polarity protection: None
  • Output prevent backflow: None


  • High-power LED driver.
  • Lithium battery(or lead accumulator) charge.
  • Vehicle-mounted power supply.
  • Low voltage system power supply.
  • 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charge.
  • On-board laptop power supply.
  • Regulated power supply.
  • Low voltage power supply system.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x XL4015 Adjustable Voltage & Current Output Step Down Power Module with Display
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