KeySens KLS-010-A-010 Submersible Liquid Level Sensor 10m Range

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Level Sensor to Measure the Depth of Liquid in a Tank. Just drop the sensor into the tank and you can start reading the exact liquid height from 0 to 10meters in the tank. The sensor sits at the bottom and works by measuring pressure exerted by the liquid to calculate the liquid level.


Just drop this KeySens sensor in a tank and you can start sensing the liquid level in the tank. Submersible level transmitters consist of a sensor attached to a long cable, which is then lowered to the bottom of the liquid vessel. The sensor works by measuring the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid at the bottom & using it to indirectly estimate the liquid height in the tank. The depth result is transmitted as standard current output by the internal signal conditioning circuit. Also known as head pressure, hydrostatic pressure is the pressure exerted by the fluid in the vessel.

Note: We can customize the sensor as per customer requirement. The following parameter can be customized - Full Scale Sensing Range, Sensor Material (Industrial Grade & Food Grade), Cable Length, etc. Contact us directly and we will help you with customization.

The sensor has the advantages of high precision & small volume. The sensor can be used to sense liquid level height in resolutions of up to 5cm accuracy. Compared to traditional liquid-level sensors, this sensor offers better convenience of use, higher accuracy and longer life


  • Max Sensing Depth: 10m
  • Interface: 4 to 20mA Current Output
  • Measurement accuracy: upto +/- 5cm (depending on tank size)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Power supply: DC9-30V,default DC24V
  • Output Current: 4-20mA
  • Medium measurement: liquid
  • Cable length: 10m
  • Measuring range: 0-10m 
  • Probe size: 10 x 2.8cm / 4.13 x 1.10in
  • Can measure exact liquid height in containers up to resolutions of 5mm
  • Designed for Industrial Environments. High Durability & Anti-corrosion construction. Available material options - Stainless steel SS304/SS316L and Ceramic
  • Good Ingress Protection. Can be used with a wide range of liquid conditions
  • High Accuracy up to 0.5% FS (Sensor with Full-Scale Range of 10m can sense liquid level upto 5cm)
  • Also Available in Various Outputs - Modbus RS485 digital output, 4-20mA current signal output, 0-5V analog voltage output
  • Cable: Waterproof Breathable Cable for High strength and long life.


  • Liquid Level Sensing in Irrigation Equipments
  • Sea Water Level Measurement & Control in Marine Applications
  • Deep well & Groundwater Monitoring
  • Vessel & Storage Monitor Systems
  • Control of Lift & Pumping Stations, Surface Water Monitoring
  • Sludge Level Monitoring
  • Industrial Tanks

Package Includes:

1 x KeySens Submersible Liquid Level Sensor

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