Anti-Corrosion Water Level Sensor with Ball Float Switch

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A float switch is a device used to sense the level of liquid within a tank, it may actuate a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or another device.

Use them with hydroponics, saltwater tank, freshwater tank, gardening, aquariums for power head control, pet bowls, fish tanks, filtration, heating, etc.
The float switch of side mount duckbilled is a frequently opened, often closed, switching contact and with the overall brake, it's installed from the outside and doesn't need to be sealed.


When there is no liquid to detect, the sensor is Normally Open, Once the sensor detects liquid it is  Normally Closed.

The sensor showed in the working image is just for representation, the original item will vary but not the working.


Rating contract (Max.): 10 W
Switching power supply (Max.): 110VDC
Resistance contract (Max.): 100 Ω
Appro. Float Ball Size (mm) : 24×17 (LxD)
Body Total Length (mm) : 85
Cable Length (cm) : 37

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