USB to RS485 Industrial Converter Module Adapter Board

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This product is designed in accordance with industrial standards. It has anti-lightning and anti-static shock, limited slope drive, effectively suppresses electromagnetic interference and solves the superposition of effective signal and invalid signal on the transmission circuit. The error-free data transmission rate is up to 115200bit. With TVS transient suppression protection to prevent internal chip damage caused by level incompatibility, with receiving and transmitting lights; anti-high pulse voltage protection.


Support baud rate range: 75-115200bps
Communication distance can reach 1.2KM, with industrial site anti-interference ability
Power Supply: 5V DC
Dimension (mm): 70 (L) * 27 (W)* 13 (H)
Weight: 16 g

Pin Description:

pin 1:  A--485 Signal Terminal A
pin 2:  B--485 Signal Terminal B
pin 3:  GND--485 signal ground (optional)
pin 4:  GND- external power supply ground (can be used to supply power to other equipment or it can be empty)
pin 5:  VCC - external power supply 5V+(can be used to supply power to other equipment or it can be empty)


    Monitoring data reading and writing and PTZ control
    Home appliance control
    Various industrial automation, instrumentation
    An access control system, charging system, attendance system, etc.

Steps for usage:

Download and install the CH340 driver first
Wire the device
Insert the RS485 module into the computer, check the mapped serial port number in the “Device Management    Department” of the system, then select the corresponding serial port number in your application software and open  the serial port to send and receive data

Package Included:

1 x Industrial USB to RS485 Bidirectional Half-duplex Serial Line Converter TVS Transient Protection

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