ProMax Crimping Tool Kit 7 x Replaceable Dies Kit

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This is a professional crimping tool used to make your own customised cable harness. Use this to add connectors to cables and customize - cable length, connector type and wiring as per your requirement. This high quality connector will last a very long time if used carefully.

Note: The actual dies that come with this tool, keep changing slightly with stock. But we make sure all regularly used crimp pins/lugs are compatible with every kit. Contact us directly for more details.

Do you want to make clean and professional cable harnesses and extension cables? Or do you have a specific connector that requires customized crimping? Then you will need a crimping tool. This crimping tool is not just a tool but a complete kit including the tool, multiple replaceable jaws, and a carry bag! Useful for making your own customized jumper cables, extension wires, servo cables, crimping cable lugs to end of wires, ring terminals, etc. No more soldering, crude joining required.

You can also use this tool to crimp cable lugs in your wiring. Make sure your use the appropriate die for each type of connector

We have included the tool along with replaceable dies for all common crimp pins and wire sizes. You can also get additional customized dies for your specific crimps. 

These crimping pliers allow you to easily make your own wiring harnesses using crimp pins and cable housings. We really like the quality and sturdiness of these crimp pliers. These pliers are capable of crimping very small 0.25 - 2.5mm crimp pins and 28-20 AWG wires together. All you need to do is press the handles together with enough force and the pliers will release, once this happens you know your crimping is done! These work well with JST PH, SH, SHL, and ZH series pins.


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 190mm
  • Type: Flat Nose
  • Handle Style: Straight
  • Suitable For Wire Terminals 1: ZH1.5 XH2.54 PH2.0 CH3.96 VH3.96 KF2510
  • Suitable For Wire Terminals 2: JST1.25 SM-Y SM-A TBA D-SUB
  • Suitable For Wire Terminals 3: DJ211-4A 5557 5569 JST2.5 PHD2.0 SM2.5
  • Suitable For Wire Terminals 4: SCN2.5 SAN2.5 2510/2540

Package Includes:

1 x Crimping Tool
1 x Set of Multiple Replacement Dies for different crimps
1 x Bag to store the kit together

Note: The kit includes only the above items. Crimp pins/terminals and wire are not included. They are shown in the image only to represent how they can be used with the tool

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