ProMax PTB-4506 Terminal Strip Barrier Block with Transparent Cover

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Terminal Barrier Blocks are used to make high current carrying wire to wire connections and manage complex electrical connections. Popularly used in Control Panels and Industrial Applications for Power Splitting, Power Distribution, Motor Load Connections, etc

ProMax Terminal Strip Barrier Blocks are a series of modular connectors designed for wire-to-wire connections and managing complex electrical connections. They are used for wire connections in industrial control panels and high-power applications. The terminal block comes with surface mounting options and can be secured to the control panel body using mounting screws. They are popularly used for power distribution, connecting multiple high power loads in parallel, battery power distribution, etc

Outer bodies of Terminal Blocks are made up of thermoplastic material with excellent electrical insulation and mechanical strength. This connector has high insulation between adjacent contacts, low contact resistance between wire and contact, and high flammability resistance. ProMax Terminal blocks are preferred in industrial environments in harsh and corrosive environments.

Different types of lugs or ferrules can be used to connect the wires to Terminal Blocks e.g., pin-type, tubular, fork type and ring-type lugs depending on the application area. 

The terminal strips are available in a variety of models based on - max. Current carrying capacity, no of poles, etc. You can use this document to identify the required model no before ordering.


  • ProMax Terminal Connectors come with a glass cover to prevent contact corrosion and provide electrical insulation to operators and service engineers. Protects against accidental touching of live wires
  • Brass-Copper Contacts are suitable for high current applications of upto 600V AC & 45A
  • Screw terminals let users secure a wide range of cable sizes 
  • The whole connector can be surface mounted to control panels/enclosures using the screw holes on the body. This ensures secure mounting and vibration-free operation
  • The Terminal is available in different sizes and current ratings. Users can choose from a wide range of connectors that suit their applications
  • No of Contacts: 6
  • Maximum Current Capacity per contact: 45A
  • Maximum Load Voltage: 600V AC


  • Suitable for Power Distribution, Load Splitting & Battery Load Distribution Connections
  • Widely used in control panel boards for wiring distribution
  • Suitable for Standard Feedthrough (1:1) & Multiple Connection (1:N) connections
  • Alternative to Fuse Terminals & Bus bar Terminals where applicable
  • Suitable Grounding / Earth Terminal Blocks
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