ProMax XD2-PA14 Industrial Joystick 4 Directions Latching

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Industrial Joystick with Long Handle. It can move in 4 Directions - Up, Down, Left and Right. Great for building Robot & Crane Controls, Motor Controls, Industrial Controls, Arcade Games, & Generic Input Control!
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This Industrial Grade Joystick from ProMax, is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy-duty selector switch. Manufactured by ProMax, these switches are Industrial Grade with guaranteed quality. They are very tough, medium size, panel-mount joystick switches.

The joystick can move in 4 directions - UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT. The joystick operation is latching. The joystick can be moved to any one position, it will hold that position after releasing the handle, untill it is moved again. We also have the same joystick in Momentary Operation, you can check it out here - ProMax XD2-PA24 Industrial Joystick 4 Directions Momentary

Each direction has a NO Switch which indicates the handle position. 

The joystick also has a high current rating and can be directly connected to high power loads like DC Motors, Inductions, Pumps, Buzzers, etc. The joystick can control loads upto 240V AC and upto 3A Current.

To interface this joystick with a microcontroller, PLC, Arduino, Raspberry PI, use 4 x Digital Input pins to read the 4 switches.

The joystick's overall length is around 14cm and provides good touch and feel during usage.


  • Operation Type: Latching - The stick will hold the position till it is moved
  • The rubber sleeve cover on the handle is resistant to water, oil, and dust. This joystick switch is widely used for industrial control AC 50 Hz and DC circuits
  • This joystick switch can control dc motors, magnetic starters, contactors, relays, and other electrical circuits
  • Type: 4-position latching
  • Contact: 4NO
  • Contact Rating: 150 V/3A; 250 V/3A;
  • Angle: ±30°
  • Electrical Life: 500,000 times
  • Mechanical Life: 500,000 times
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 30mm
  • Size: 15*5.5 cm/5.91*2.2 in
  • Weight: 205 g(approx.)


  • Great for robotics and automation projects
  • Great for controlling DC Motors, Indicator Lights, Buzzers, etc
  • Crane Controls, Forklifts and Industrial Switchgear
  • Can be easily integrated into various control panels
  • Maritime sectors
  • Medical sectors
  • Heavy-duty machinery / Industrial controls
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