ProMax LB02A Multifunctional Process Calibrator 4 to 20ma Current Voltage Frequency

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This is a High End All in One Process Cablirator. Designed for Prototyping and Service Engineers it can generate and also measure the following signals -

  • DC Voltage: 0 to 11V
  • Current: 0 to 24mA
  • Resistance: 0 to 2200 Ohm
  • Frequency: 0 to 10kHz
  • Thermocouple Signals
  • RTD Signals

ProMax LB02A Process calibrator is a precision reliable multifunction signal generator and a simplified digital multimeter all-in-one. It outputs 0-24mA, 0-11V, 0-110mV, 0-10KHz, 20-400Ω, type K, J, N, T, E, S, B, etc. thermocouple signal, CU50 PT100 PT1000 signal, 24V signal, etc., and measures 0-30mA, 0-30V, 0-150mV, 0-10KHz frequency signal, 0-999.9Ω, thermocouple signal, RTD Cu50 PT1000 PT100 signal, etc. It can output the rated signal when user enters into a signal value through digit buttons. Its color LCD screen displays the signal value and operating status clearly and precisely. Inside the calibrator, there is 4 units of PPTC and a quick-break fuse to protect the process calibrator from accident damages. That calibrator is an essential choice in industrial site, and the most worthy replacement calibration tool instead of the expensive calibrator from other bands.

Main Features & Benefits
● Pocket portable shell: 120x76x30mm, put it into your pocket, save energy, save cost, very convenient to carry.
● High accuracy 0.025%+1/2 digits; widely used as frequency calibrator, mA mV loop calibrator, temperature calibrator, etc.
● Have full-function operating mode, user can enter any value through digits buttons, the calibrator outputs signal directly.
● Signal output simulation and measurement: 0-10KHz frequency, 4-20mA source or passive signal, 0-11V, 0-110mV, 20-400Ω, standard R, E, S, K, J, B, T, N type thermocouple, PT100, CU50, 24V outputs, etc.
● 2200mAH re-chargeable battery inside, have battery status bar, very suitable and convenient to use it in indoors or outside industrial site.
● High resolution color LCD display, have back light for different lighting conditions, large screen clear display.
● Can be used as signal generator, frequency calibrator, multifunction process calibrator and simple digital multimeter.
● Have description in Hz, V, mV, mA, RTD, TC, Step, and Ω keys, it enables user to operate it easily.
● Precision AD, DA, reference voltage chips, OP circuits are used to ensure high accuracy, high performance and stability.
● Using 4 units of PPTC and a quick-break fuse to protect the instrument from damages caused by high voltage.


Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 12.0 × 7.6 × 3.0 cm

0/4-20mA source/passive, 0-11V, 0-110mV, 20-400Ω, R, E, S, K, J, B, T, N type thermocouple, PT1000, PT100, CU50, 24V outputs, frequency, curves, etc.


-30-30V, -150-150mV, -30mA-30mA, 0-999.9Ω, R, E, S, K, J, B, T, N type thermocouple, PT100, Pt1000 CU50, 24V, 0-24mA, Ohm, frequency, etc.

Power Supply

Ineternal 2000mAH rechargeable battery inside


0.025% TYP, refer to product description.


1 Unit x Original BRT LB02A Process Calibrator
1 Set x High safety standards testing Pen Probe
1 Unit x High quality 2A USB Cable for Battery Re-charge
1 Unit x High quality meter bag
1 Set x Professional Easy-to-understand User Manual

More Information
Technical Details


DC.V V -30~30.000V 0.001V ±0.025%RD ±0.004V
DC. mV mV -150~150.00mV 0.01mV ±0.025%RD ±0.02mV
DC. mA mA -30~30.000mA 0.001mA ±0.025%RD ±0.004mA
Ohm Ω 0~999.9Ω 0.1Ω ±0.025%RD ±0.2Ω
1000-2500 ±0.025%RD ±1Ω
Frequency KHz 0-10 0.001 ±0.05%RD ±2Hz
TC R 0~1700℃ 0.1℃  


±0.1%RD ±3℃ (R,S

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