SMD Tester Mastech MS8910 for Capacitor and Resistor

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Multimeter specifically designed to work with SMD Components. Lets you easily measure the resistance, and capacitance of SMD components. Also allows debugging directly on the PCB.

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This smart SMD tester from Mastech is essentially a pair of multimeter tweezers. This allows you to troubleshoot circuits with small SMD parts without having to fumble with large probes or long wires. Test resistors, capacitors and diodes one-handed!


● Display 3000 counts
● Auto Ranging
● Auto Power Off
● Data Hold
● Low Battery Display
● Auto Scanning
● Continuity Buzzer <30Ω

Specification :

Reistance : Range 300 ohm to 30M ohm
Capacitance : Range 3nf to 30mf
Diode check : Open Voltage 2.8V, Testing Current 2mA
Power supply 3V CR2032 battery
Size ; 175 x 32 x 20 mm
Weight : 48g
Safety rating : CE(EMC)RoHS

Package Inclusion :

● Spare test pin
● Wrapping case
● Battery and User’s manual

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