Digital Multimeter VC9205A

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The VC9205A digital multimeter (DMM) is an essential tool in every electronic enthusiasts.You can use the multimeter to measure DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity, and test diodes.

This multimeter is for all those students and Electronic craze people that need to buy their first good, low-cost digital multimeter. This multimeter offer medium accuracy.

For the ease fo use this multimeter hass back stand which makes it comfortable to use it on desk and other plain surface. It even has comfortable grips on either side. This multimeter has a rubber Side cover for protection. 

Feature :

Can Measure 200m VDC - 1000 VDC
Can measure 200m VAC - 750 VAC
Can measure Resistance from 200 ohm - 200M ohm
Can measure DC current from 2m - 20 A
Can measure AC current from 2m - 20 A
Can measure Capacitance from 20nF - 200uF
Can be used to measure connectivity with two leads through Indicator buzzer.
Can measure Diode
Transistor Measurement
Has HOLD button through which you can hold on LCD displays the current measurement value, press thus button again to exit data hold display function
Has blue button to turn on LCD backlight, pree it again to turn off the backlight or it will be on for a long time.
In built low battery indicator.
Has ON/OFF button

Package Includes :

Pair of Probes
Battery included
User Manual


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