Solderless Breadboard for Electronics Prototyping Large

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This breadboard works great for connecting and testing sensors, IC's, or other circuits, a breadboard is designed for the electronic circuit without the design and manufacture of welding experiments. As a result of a variety of electronic components can be inserted or pulled as needed, eliminating the need for welding, saving the circuit assembly time, and components can be reused, it is very suitable for electronic circuit assembly, commissioning and training.

This breadboard has 2 power buses on either side for carrying power lines and an additional power line on the top. The connection between the power line is broken in the middle, like most breadboards.



  • Extra-Large working area.
  • Middle divider separates board, for plugging in ICs
  • The breadboard can be broken into parts easily
  • 2 Spring Actuated  Power Terminals



Package Includes:

1x Large Breadboard

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