U Shape Aluminium Servo Bracket Mount

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U Shaped Servo Bracket. Useful for building servo mechanisms like - pan-tilt assemblies, robot arm & hexapod joints, and custom servo mechanisms. Use it in combination with our other servo brackets to build complex mechanisms quick and fast. Suitable for all standard-sized servo motors.
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We have a wide range of servo brackets which can be used to build complex mechanisms and assemblies for robotics and general mechanics. The servo brackets have similar holes and can be assembled together in any combination as per your design requirement.
This 'U' shaped bracket is designed to fit most standard-sized servos. This bracket is both lightweight and strong. Various holes are located on the bracket that fit most servo horns.
Works great for making multi-axis joints for use in robot arms and legs. Plug and Play design lets your use different servo brackets together.


  • Directly build complex mechanical assemblies using servos
  • Compatible with MG996, MG995 and other similar-sized servo motors
  • Material: 2mm Aluminum
  • Surfacing: Sandblasting oxidation
  • Weight: 17g
  • Color: Black
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Probots U Shape Aluminium Servo Mount Bracket Dimensions

Probots U Shape Aluminium Servo Mount Bracket Dimensions

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