MQ-131 Ozone Gas Sensor

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Compact board based on the MQ-131 sensor. Equipped with a high sensitivity and a very fast response time, this sensor is able to detect the ozone concentration (10~1000ppb) in ambient air. The sensor's sensitive material is tin dioxide (SnO2), which has a low conductivity, when the air is clean in the environment, while it is higher in the presence of ozone.

The board has a trimmer to set the threshold value, analogue output and digital output (TTL), status LED for power supply and output signal.
The digital output can be connected directly to a microcontroller. The analogue output provides a voltage (0-5 VDC) that increases with increasing ozone concentration in the air.
Power supply: 5 VDC, dimensions (mm): 31.85x19.65x33. It can be used with Arduino or other microcontroller.

Specification :

Ozone sensor: MQ-131
Sensor type: seminductor
Ozone detection range: 10~1000ppb
Power supply: 5 Vdc
Status LED for power and output signal.

Digital and analog output:

- analog output (0-5 VDC): the voltage increases as the ozone concentration in the air increases
- digital output: TTL (0-5 VDC): to be used to get a threshold value, set via trimmer, to manage it via a microcontroller
With a long life and reliable stability
Fast response characteristics
With mounting holes to facilitate fixed installation
The probe can plug design for easy testing
It can be used to create devices that can detect ozone at home and atmospheric environment

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