17HS08-1004S Stepper Motor Micro Hybrid NEMA 17

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Mini NEMA17 Stepper Motor is suitable for applications where speed and position-controlled movements are desired. Supports Microstepping, consumes low power and is suitable for robotics, industrial and consumer applications.
Stepper Motors rotate by powering the coils in a specific sequence. Using a stepper motor driver to handle the sequences, you can rotate the motor in steps using just a digital pulse. The step size of this motor is 1.8 degrees, which means the stepper motor shaft rotates by 1.8degrees when the coils are energized in sequence.
By keeping track of the number of pulses issued, you can move the motor to any desired angle. You can also vary the pulse timing to control the speed of rotation. This makes steppers perfect for applications where speed and position control is desired.
Popularly used in Robot Arms, Grippers, Flaps, Locks, etc.

This is a bipolar 2 Phase stepper motor. Operates at 12V and consumes upto 0.4A / phase.
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Current / Phase: 0.4a
  • Step Angle(degrees): 1.8°±0.09°
  • Phase: 2
  • Type: Permanent Magnet
  • Model Number: 17HS08-1004S
  • Holding Torque: 0.16N.m
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