10g Heat Sink Paste Thermal Grease Compound

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This is a syringe of heatsink compound (aka thermal grease, thermal paste, thermal goo). Use this whenever you’re connecting a component to a heatsink, it’ll really help to dissipate even more potentially damaging heat. This HY500 series thermal grease offer better cooling performance with high thermal conductivity graphite and powder. This thermal grease should be used to fill the gaps and expanding cooling area between the component and the heat sink.

It has a thermal conductivity of 1.172 W/(mK), which should be plenty for voltage regulators, MOSFETs, motor drivers, audio amplifiers, etc.


Color: Grey 
Weight(N.W) 3g (as the picture) 
Thermal conductivity > 1.172 W/m-k 
Thermal Impedance <0.225 
Specific Gravity >2.0 
Viscosity 1000 
Thixotropic Index 380+_10 
Viscosity -50~300 
Operation Temperature -30~300 
Silicone Compounds 50% 
Carbon Compounds 30% 
Metal Oxide Compounds 20% 
Graphite Thermal Grease,thermal Conductivity 1.93W/m-k~2.15W/m-k 
Good Electric Insulating, Breakdown 10Kv voltage 
Low Thermal Impedance,Keep grease condition with long time 
With a wide range working temperature, keep stable performance at temperature -30~300 High performance 

Cooling device to the end plate heatsink 
High speed and large storage Drives 
Automotive Engine controls 
Hard disk drive and DVD drives 
Power conversion apparatus 
High Power LEDs 
Notebook and desktop computers 
Network Communication Equipment 
Household appliances, electronic components, electrical

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