Aluminium Heat Sink Case Big for Raspberry PI 4 with Double Fan Alloy

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The Raspberry Pi 4 heats up during high processor load and internally throttles the CPU speed down to prevent damage. This causes your programs to run slower during high CPU load. To prevent this we have to extract the heat from the processor and transfer it to the surrounding environment. This case does exactly this and keeps your processor running cool and fast.

This rigid Aluminum case is capable of providing a better cooling solution for your Raspberry Pi 4B. It does that by having a dual-fan system and a heat sink.

The thermal pads align with the heat sink perfectly to achieve better heat dissipation. The thermal pads cover all the heat-generating components except the wireless chip. The I/O ports and slots such as USB-C power port, micro-HDMI ports, audio port, USB ports, SD card slot, camera port, GPIO pins, display slot, and others are easily accessible when using this case. This case has an acrylic window on the side that helps in improving WiFi/Bluetooth performance and makes status lights visible. It also provides easy Micro-SD card access and camera cable passthrough


  • Rigid Aluminum body with CNC machining for better protection
  • Dual cooling fans with a heat sink to provide better heat dissipation
  • Acrylic side plate for better wireless signal strength
  • Easily accessible I/O ports and slots
  • Max Fan Speed: 7500rpm/min

Package Includes:

1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminum Case with dual fans

Note : The case does not come with a Raspberry Pi 4 board. The picture is just for reference

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