R365 DC Diaphragm Water Pump

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This DC6-12V MINI Aquarium water Pump R385 is the perfect choice for any project that requires water to be moved from one place to another.
The R385 requires between 6 – 12V DC and between 0.5 – 0.7A and will deliver its maximum operating values when power is at the upper end of these ranges.
The pump can handle pumping heated liquids up to a temperature of 80°C and when suitably powered can suck water through the tube from up to 2m and pump water vertically for up to 3m.

This immersible pump can be used to water your plants, make a fountain or waterfall, and even change your fish tank water. It works quietly with the sound level under 30db. The pump has a filter inside as well as a suction cup which can help stick it to smooth surfaces tightly.

Model: R365 DC micro diaphragm pump
Working voltage: DC 12V
No load current: 0.23A
Maximum flow: 2-3 liters/minute
Outlet maximum pressure: 1-2.5 kg
Maximum lift: 1-2.5 meters
Maximum suction: 2 meters
Motor length: 32mm
Motor diameter: 28mm
Pump length: 36mm
Total length: 69mm
Pump diameter: 40mm x 35mm
weight amounts: 111 g Approx

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