MLX90333 3Axis Joystick Position Sensor Module

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The MLX90333 is a 3Axis position sensor IC able to sense any magnet moving in its surrounding through the measurement and the processing of the three spatial components of the magnetic flux density vector. It is suitable for linear displacement and "joystick" sensing applications.


The MLX90333 is a monolithIC sensor IC featuring Hall Effect Sensing technology. Conventional planar Hall technology is only sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally to the IC surface. This sensor is also sensitive to the flux density applied parallel to the IC surface.  This is done by utilizing a unique Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMC). Using the three magnetic components, it is possible to create 2D or 3D sensors that determine rotary (angle), linear (stroke), or even joystick type motion as well as 3D-magnetometers that can output the individual magnetic (BX, BY, and BZ) components.
The MLX90333 is sensitive to the 3 components of the flux density applied to the IC (BX, BY and BZ). This allows the MLX90333 to sense any magnet moving in its surroundings and it enables the design of a novel generation of non-contacting joystick position sensors which are often required for both automotive and industrial applications (e.g. man-machine interface).
Furthermore, the capability of measuring BX, BY and BZ allows the MLX90333 to be considered as a universal non-contacting position sensor i.e. not limited to joystick applications. For instance, linear travel can be sensed with the MLX90333 once included in a specific magnetic design.
In combination with the appropriate signal processing, the magnetic flux density of a small magnet (axial magnetization) moving above the IC can be measured in a non-contacting way. The two (2) angular information are computed from the three (3) vector components of the flux density (i.e. BX, BY and BZ). The MLX90333 reports two (2) linear output signals. The output formats are selectable between Analog, PWM, and Serial Protocol.
  • Absolute 3D Position Sensor
  • Simple & Robust Magnetic Design
  • Hall Technology
  • Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristics (Alpha, Beta)
  • Selectable Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial Protocol
  • 12-bit Angular Resolution - 10 bit Angular Thermal Accuracy
  • 40 bit ID Number
  • Game controllers
  • Industrial Man Machine Interfaces
  • These sensors are used in many areas starting with automotive but also medical, industrial, home and building automation
  • 3D Position Sensor
  • Joystick
  • 4-Way Scroll Key
  • Joypad
  • Man Machine Interface Device 
  • Linear Position Sensor
Package Includes:
1 x MLX90333 Joystick Sensor Module
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