Mini LiDAR Sensor Benewake TFmini-i IP65

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Lidar is a remote sensing module that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to detect and categorize objects. It is used in many applications as well as Robotics, Autonomous vehicles, and Smart cities.

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Lidar stands for “Light Detection and Ranging.” It is an active remote sensing technology, meaning it sends out pulses of energy, and then reads the reflected return of that energy, to gather information about the world around it. Lidar uses the light detection technique to calculate depth. It measures the time it takes for each laser pulse to bounce back from an obstacle. This pulsed laser measurement is used to create 2D or 3D models (also known as a point cloud).

TFmini - i is an Upgraded version of TFmini - s miniaturized with a single-point ranging LiDAR based on the ToF (time of flight) principle and it is designed with an IP65 rating enclosure with unique optics, electricity, and algorithms to achieve stability, precision, sensitivity, and high-speed distance measurement. In addition, the product itself has higher distance measurement accuracy with the blind zone shortened to 10cm, It can work in different outdoor environments such as strong light, different temperatures, and different reflectances. 


  • IP65 Rated, Suitable for Outdoor Environments
  • Light weight <=5g, suitable for scenarios with strict load requirements
  • Low power consumption,≤0.7W, suitable for battery-powered or low power consumption scenarios
  • Wide operating range 0.1-12m 
  • Small size 50mm*34mm*41mm easy to install and integrate
  • Low-cost ranging LiDAR module


  • Surveillance: Pedestrian detection
  • Vehicle detection: LPR(License Plate Recognition)trigger
  • Intelligent barrier gate: Parking charging, etc.
  • Altimeter: Drone

Package Includes:

1 x TFmini-i LiDAR Distance Sensor with Cable

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Schematics of ToF Principle:

Schematics of ToF Principle

generic application

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Parameter Description
Model TFmini-i IP65
Frame Rate 1-1000Hz
Distance Range 0.1-12m
Field of View (Fov)
Operating Temperature -20℃~ 60 ℃
Communication Interface RS485 and CAN
Supply voltage  7~30V 



Communication Interface:

Communication Interface


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