YDLIDAR GS2 Solid State LIDAR Distance Sensor 300mm

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LIDARS are High Accuracy Distance Sensors used for Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, UAVs, Industrial Height Sensing, Obstacle Detection, etc. This sensor can range every point within an FOV angle of 100° with 8% of FS error.

LIDAR Sensors are high-performance distance sensors offering long-range distance sensing, high resolution & accuracy in readings, long life, smaller size, and digital interface.LIDAR sensors use multiple technologies to calculate the obstacle distance - using time of flight, pulsed array emitters, etc.

This is a Solid State Lidar which has no moving parts. It has a sensing area of 100° FOV, up to 300mm in distance in front of it. The distance to each point in the sensing area is transmitted to a host controller as Point Cloud Data. The sensor comes with a very high ranging angle resolution of 0.6°. 

It operates on 3.3V and can connect to a microcontroller, PLC, computer through UART interface. Please go through the development manual under the Technical Details Tab for the detailed commands and responses by the sensor.

YDLIDAR provides an evaluation software - Point Cloud Viewer to test and use the sensor. The software can display live sensor reading, log readings and also debug messages. Use this software as a plug and play option to test and evaluate the sensor for your application.

Linux SDK are available to write your own custom code.

LiDAR is used alongside other sensors such as cameras and RADAR for mapping, object detection and identification, and navigation as they are relatively independent on varying lighting conditions. 


  • Solid State Sensor with no moving parts ensures a stable and long operation life
  • FOV of up to  100° makes it suitable for most obstacle detection use cases. Multiple sensors can be used side by side to increase sensing area
  • High Accuracy: Less than 3% error upto 100mm and less than 8% up to 300mm 
  • LIDAR technology ensures even small objects with a diameter of 3mm to be detected within large sensing area
  • Wide detection range with min. blind zone in 
  • Operating Voltage of 3.3V
  • Serial UART interface to microcontrollers
  • USB to Serial converter available in the package for connecting to the computer
  • YDLIDAR Point Cloud Viewer Software available for plug and play device evaluation - live view, logging and debugging 
  • Upto 3 LIDAR Sensors can be chained and cascaded in a single UART Communication line
  • Class I eye safety
  • 10000h Service life


  • Robot obstacle avoidance, Robot Vaccum Cleaners, Personal Transporters, Vehicles, UAVS, Perimeter Burgler Detection
  • Obstacle avoidance of smart equipment
  • Navigation and obstacle avoidance of home service robots/vacuum clean robots
  • Edge Detection

Package Includes:

1 x YDLIDAR GS2 Linear array solid LIDAR Sensor

The pictures shown here are for illustration purposes only.

Schematics of Triangulation Principle:

Triangulation Principle


YDLiDAR GS2 Applications

More Information
Technical Details


Parameter Description
Frame Rate 28Hz
Distance Range 25mm~300mm
Field of View (FOV) 100°
Operating Temperature -0℃~ 50 ℃
Communication Interface UART


YDLiDAR GS2 Dimensions

Communication Interface:

YDLiDAR GS2 Communication Interface


Max Range (m)3m
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