Benewake TF02-Pro-W LIDAR Distance Sensor 25m UART I2C

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This LiDar Sensor has a specially designed dust wiper to clear the glass in dusty environments. Great for use as a material-level sensor in tanks in industrial and dusty environments. It can sense cm level data up to 25m and communicates through UART or I2C.

Lidar stands for “Light Detection and Ranging.” It is an active remote sensing technology, that measures the time it takes for each laser pulse to bounce back from an obstacle to calculate the distance.

TF02-Pro-W is a single-point ranging LiDAR based on the ToF (time of flight) principle. It is designed for level detection, with a 25m detection range and cm-level detection accuracy. It also comes with a unique dust-removal wiper, which automatically cleans the lens of the front panel of LiDAR regularly to solve the soiling problems, and can maintain the accuracy of ranging detection in a heavy dust environment.

The sensor is capable of outputting up to 100 reading per second. It can detect points up to 25m with an accuracy of 1%. The sensor comes with a narrow FoV of 3°.

It operates on 5V and can connect to a microcontroller, PLC, computer through UART interface. Please go through the development manual under the Technical Details Tab for the detailed commands and responses by the sensor.

Benewake also provides a GUI software to test and use the sensor. The software can display live sensor reading, log readings and also debug messages. Use this software as a plug and play option to test and evaluate the sensor for your application.


  • Self Cleaning Wiper designed to use the sensor in industrial dusty environments
  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  • Communication: UART (suitable for upto 2m cables. Use model with CAN/other output for longer distance)
  • Distance range up to 25 meters
  • Has higher Accuracy of up to 1cm resolution
  • High frame rate of 100Hz (uptoo 100 readings every second)
  • Narrow FoV of 3° suitable for point detection
  • Ambient light resistance(Up to 100Klux)
  • Low power consumption


  • Can be used along with microcontroller/PLC/Computer to detect obstacle at high speeds
  • Industrial Distance Sensing Applications
  • Agriculture Applications - Soil Level, Perimeter Security, Tank level, etc
  • Construction
  • Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Navigation and obstacle avoidance of home robots/ robot vacuum cleaners
  • Industrial Production/ Assembling Line Detection
  • Robot Obstacle avoidance, edge avoidance, etc
  • UAV Anti-collision, Auto landing, Height fixing / Distance keeping, Terrain following/mapping
  • Tank Level Measurement
  • Intelligent parking detection
  • Crane safety operations
  • Vehicle position sensing
  • Vehicle detection for barrier gate control

Package Includes:

1 x TF02-PRO-W LIDAR Distance Ranging Sensor 

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More Information
Technical Details


Parameter Description
Model TF02-Pro-W
Frame Rate 1-100Hz
Distance Range 0.1-25m
Field of View (Fov)
Operating Temperature -20℃~ 60 ℃
Communication Interface UART



Wiper Positions:Wiper Positions



Max Range (m)25m
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