AT24C256 I2C Interface EEPROM Memory Module

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EEPROM is mainly used in devices (like digital potentiometers, digital temperature sensors and real-time clocks) to save calibration or similar data that is required when the power is switched off or removed. Use this module to store data that will remain even after a power cycle.
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If you need to do some data storage in your microcontroller, then using an EEPROM is probably the most simple way. In reality, microcontrollers have onboard EEPROM memory, but it is usually limited in capacity. This is an external EEPROM memory module which uses the I2C bus line to connect with Arduino, and with a pluggable chip, so it will be easy to expand capacity, you will have to just need to insert a bigger capacity of EEPROM chip if required.

EEPROM stands for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. It is a non-volatile flash memory device, that is, stored information is retained when the power is removed. EEPROM generally offers excellent capabilities and performance. In EEPROM we can write and program the IC for many times and these are acting as EPROM (UV erasable programming ROM).

The AT24C256 I2C Interface EEPROM Memory Module is based on EEPROM chips of AT24C series, 256K bit capacity, which is 32k bytes. The EEPROM module communicates with Arduino through the I2C interface.


  1. Chipset : AT24C256.
  2. 8P chip seat, installation of AT24C256 chip.
  3. Pin-powered on-board power indicator.
  4. I2C communications require a pull-up resistor.
  5. All pins are leads and marked address input and direct write-protect pin jumper settings


EEPROMs are used in many applications such as telecom, consumer, automotive and industrial applications. The other applications include:

  • Can be used to store device data like - Device ID, Cumulative Working Hours, Filter Life, Battery Charge/Discharge Cycsles, etc
  • The reprogrammable calibration data for test equipment
  • Data storage from a learn function as in a remote control transmitter.

Package Includes:

1 x AT24C256 I2C Interface EEPROM Memory Module.

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