Digital Timer programmable controller 4Pin 30A

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This timer is used whenever electrical equipment must be periodically switched on and off at preprogrammed daily or weekly times. The programmed events are then repeated during the next periods accordingly.

Just connect the timer to the desired equipment, punch in the time as when it has to be ON/OFF and done. The times has many uses depending the application of the user.

They can be widely used in street lights, advertising lights, neon lights, production equipment, household electrical appliances which need setting a regularly time period, heating and refrigerating systems, boilers, ovens, dryers, defrosting equipment, swimming pools, hatcheries, illumination, etc.

Specification :
Operating Voltage : 4 Types
110-130 VAC
220 - 250 VAC
3.24 Vdc/ac , 4.12 Vdc/ac
Output : Volt output or Volt free
Rating : 30A/250V - 20A 125Vac
8A FLA. 250 Vac
0.5Ho 2250/125Vac
Power Consumption : 3 VA
Programming memory Backup : Lithium battery 3Vdc
Operating Temp : 0 - 55 Degree celsius.

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