TCA9548A I2C Expander 8 Multi-Channel Expansion Board

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The TCA9548A 1-to-8 I2C 8 multi-channel expansion board enables communication with multiple I2C devices that have the same address that makes it simple to interface with. Using this you can get up to 8 same-address I2C devices hooked up to one microcontroller - this multiplexer acts as a gatekeeper, shuttling the commands to the selected set of I2C pins with your command.The CJMCU TCA9548A I2C 8 Channel Multiple extensions development board is interesting in that it has an I2C address (0x70 by default) – and you basically send it a command to tell it which I2C multiplexed output you want to talk to, then you can address the board you want to address.


1-to-8 Bidirectional Translating Switches.
Supports Hot Insertion.
Low Standby Current.
Active-Low Reset Input.
Power Up With All Switch Channels Deselected.
I2C Bus and SMBus Compatible.
5V Tolerant Inputs.

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