DS1307 RTC Real Time Clock Module

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This is a digital RTC - Real Time Clock made specifically to be used with the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and all other general-purpose microcontrollers which support the standard interface. The RTC can be used to store and retrieve the current time. Once saved the RTC will use its inbuilt battery to keep time even when the Arduino or the external microcontroller is powered off. The module can keep time for long periods upto 2 years(depending on the battery you use).

DS1307 Module is a real-time clock module with 32kHz and has an onboard battery backup. This module provides seconds, minutes, hours, date, week and year with leap-year compensation up to 2100.

It is a small size module that’s why it is easy to plug in even on a breadboard. It has the functionality to set in 24 hours and 12 hours. It is a real time clock module so after removing the power also it sore the real-time and whenever power is given, it starts with real time. Module is compatible with microprocessors and Arduino.

Specification :

Voltage supply range: 4.5V to 5.5V
Typical voltage supply: 5V
High (1) level voltage supply: 2.2V to 5.3V
Low (0) level voltage supply: -0.3V to +0.8V
Battery voltage: 2V to 3.3V
Power consumption: 500nA
Data storage: nonvolatile RAM

Application :
To design real time clock.
DIY projects.
Robotics projects.
Arduino projects.
Raspberry-Pi projects.
Electrical/Electronic projects.

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