USB QC3.0 QC2.0 DC to DC Buck Converter Charging Module Fast Quick Charger

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  1. Operating Voltage: 9– 24VDC ( Min 12V for QC3)
  2. Output Power: 24W
  3. Supported Fast Charging Protocol: FCP,AFC,SFCP,SCP
  4. Long Lifespan
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This module accepts a 6-24V Input and supports USB QC3 Charging on the output. It takes care of regulating the signals on the USB Data transer lines and offers fast charging when a compatible device is connected. Great for adding USB charging in your next project.

Supports: QC2.0, QC3.0, MTK PE1.1/2.0, FOR Apple, FOR Samsung AFC,FOR Huawei FCP, FOR Spreadtrum SFCP

Input voltage: DC 6~30V

Output voltage: default 5V, adjust range 3~12V according to fast charging protocol

Output capacity: single-port rated current 2.4A,

Rated power 24W

Protection measures: Output overvoltage protection, limit the output voltage does not exceed 13V (in the case of chip failure); input with a fuse.

This mini DC-DC step-down voltage converter module supports 6-24V voltage input and 5V 3A output with input polarity reverse protection and output overvoltage protection, short circuit protection. 

It adopts synchronous rectification technology to ensure ultra-high power conversion up to 97.5% to take full use of your input power. On-board female type A USB port with identification circuit perfectly fit for smartphones as well as it can be useful to power or recharge any electronic gadget which required 5V input power up to 3A


  1. Non-isolated buck module (BUCK) synchronous rectification
  2. Maximum Output Current: 3A MAX
  3. Conversion efficiency: can up to 97.5% (6.5V step down to 5V 0.7A) (after short reverse protection and fuses test value)
  4. Switch frequency: 500KHz
  5. Output Ripple: 10mV around (12V to 5V3A) 20M bandwidth
  6. Output indicator: The output voltage indicator is red
  7. Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 to + 85 ) (the higher the ambient temperature, the lower the output power)
  8. Output overvoltage protection: Yes, input 1.5A fuse, output 5V have 300W TVS tube clamp protection.
  9. Flat copper inductor, improve conversion efficiency
  10. With output overvoltage protection. There is a 1.5A fuse, output 5V have 300W TVS tube protect your USB device
  11. High-quality USB port
  12. Output voltage indicator (RED)
  13. Small size, Compact Size
  14. Input with reverse polarity protection diode, will not damage when input connect incorrectly
  15. Ultra-low static current, 0.85 mA only. Do not need to add switch when connected to the car battery, can be connected to car cigarette lighter cable or ACC power supply cable
  16. Ultra-small size, 26.4 (L) * 15 (W) * 7.4 (H) mm
  17. Input voltage range: 6V-32V
  18. Output voltage: default 5V, automatically adjust between 3-12V after triggering fast charge
  19. Output power: up to 24W (5V/3.4A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/2A, etc.)
  20. Output voltage cable compensation function
  21. Conversion efficiency: 90%-97%
  22. Support multiple fast charging protocols
  23. Input overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  24. Input overcurrent protection
  25. Output overcurrent, short circuit protection
  26. Machine over temperature protection Support fast charge agreement
  27. Support DCP protocol, BC1.2, Apple, Samsung protocol
  28. Support Huawei Fast Charge Protocol FCP/SCP
  29. Support Huawei Fast Charge Protocol AFC
  30. Support Spreadtrum Fast Charge Protocol SFCP · Support Qualcomm QC2.0 and 3.0
  31. Support MTK PE1.1/PE2.0


  1. please enhance heat dissipation when fully used for load output(i.e. [email protected] with 24V Input).
  2. For the ideal case (i.e. [email protected] output with 12V Input) it does not need to enhance heat dissipation.


  • Solar panel to mobile phone charging
  • Car charging retrofit
  • Driving recorder power supply
  • Home power supply, smart plug modification
  • Fast charge adapter

Package Includes:

1 x USB Step Down DC-DC Converter Module

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