Sipeed MAIX Bit for RISC-V AI + IoT Development Board

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AI is pervasive today, from consumer to enterprise applications. With the explosive growth of connected devices, combined with a demand for privacy/confidentiality, low latency and bandwidth constraints, AI models trained in the cloud increasingly need to be run at the edge.

MAIX is Sipeed’s purpose-built module designed to run AI at the edge, we called it AIoT. It delivers high performance in a small physical and power footprint, enabling the deployment of high-accuracy AI at the edge, and the competitive price makes it possible to embed to any IoT devices. As you see, Sipeed MAIX is quite like Google edge TPU, but it acts as the master controller, not an accelerator like edge TPU, so it is more low cost and low power than AP+edge TPU solution.

As many DIYer want to build their own work with a breadboard, Sipeed newly provide breadboard-friendly board for you, it called MAix BiT

MAix's Advantage and Usage Scenarios:

  • MAIX is not only hardware but also provides an end-to-end, hardware + software infrastructure for facilitating the deployment of customers' AI-based solutions.
  • Thanks to its performance, small footprint, low power, and low cost, MAIX enables the broad deployment of high-quality AI at the edge.
  • MAIX isn't just a hardware solution, it combines custom hardware, open software, and state-of-the-art AI algorithms to provide high-quality, easy to deploy AI solutions for the edge.
  • MAIX can be used for a growing number of industrial use-cases such as predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, machine vision, robotics, voice recognition, and many more. It can be used in manufacturing, on-premise, healthcare, retail, smart spaces, transportation, etc.


  • It is twice of M1 size, 1x2 inch size, breadboard-friendly, and also SMT-able,
  • It integrates USB2UART chip, auto-download circuit, RGB LED, DVP Camera FPC connector(support small FPC camera and standard M12 camera), MCU LCD FPC connector(support our 2.4-inch QVGA LCD), TF card slot.
  • MAix BiT is able to adjust core voltage! you can adjust from 0.8V~1.2V, overclock to 800MHz!


  • Supply voltage of external power supply: 4.8V ~ 5.2V
  • Range of working temperature: -30℃ ~ 85℃
  • CPU: RISC-V Dual Core 64bit, 400Mh adjustable
  • High-speed UART and JTAG interface for debugging 
  • All GPIOs connected to header 2*20 2.54mm
  • Micro SD card(TF card) slot: Support Self-elastic card holder
  • DVP Camera connector: 24P 0.5mm FPC connector
  • LCD connector: 8bit MCU LCD 24P 0.5mm FPC connector

Package Includes:

1 x Sipeed MAIX Bit for RISC-V AI + IoT Development Board


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