Sipeed Lichee Tang Nano minimalist line FPGA development board

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Sipeed Tang Nano FPGA Board is powered by a GW1N-1 FPGA and carries a low-power GW1N-1-LV core chip. The GW1N-1-LV chip offers the 1152 LUT4 which contains 4 addresses for RAM and 864 FF (Flip-Flop). The Tang Nano Board has a compact small size and due to this, a DSP module is not included.

The main features for the Tang Nano FPGA Board include 34 rich I/O PINs and a USB Type-C interface. This allows for the power supply and downloading code. Additionally, the JTAG downloader supports a USB cable, enabling code to be downloaded without an extra downloader outside the board. A 40 Pin FPC LCD carrier allows a 40 PIN RGB LCD Screen to be equipped on the board.


  • FPGA chip GWIN-1-LV: LUT4 1152, Flip-Flop 864, BSRAM (bits) 72K, USER Flash (bits) 96K, PLLs+DLLs 1+0, Core voltage 1.2V
  • Download method: Simply plug in the USB cable and download it via the onboard downloader
  • Power circuit-each bank occupies a separate LDO power chip (except BANK0/3), adjust the I/O level of BANK1 and BANK2 by replacing the LDO chip by yourself
  • 40P FPC LCD carrier-standard 40 RGB LCD interface. On-board screen backlight driver circuit (default normally open, EN pin can be connected to FPGA)
  • 34 I/O ports and multiple power pins on both sides, both sides of the pins can be directly inserted into the breadboard
  • Onboard PSRAM chip capacity 64Mbits at 3.3V
  • Power supply and download interface: USB-Type-C interface
  • Onboard small size RGB LED
  • 2 3x4mm buttons onboard
  • Onboard 24Mhz crystal oscillator (started by CH552)
  • External supply voltage demand of 5.0V±0.2V
  • External supply current demand of >[email protected]
  • Temperature rise of <30K
  • Range of working temperature at -30°C to +50°C


  • Home Automation
  • Lighting Applications


Package Includes:

1 x Sipeed Lichee Tang Nano minimalist line FPGA development board

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