30W GOOT Soldering Iron KX-30R High Quality

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This is a high quality 30W soldering iron, manufactured by Goot, perfect for most through-hole and SMD works. It provides a fixed temperature and heats and cools quickly. The tip and the heating element are completely replaceable. This has a pointed Tip which is easy to use and can solder very minute places.  

A wide variety of soldering tips are also available for this soldering iron. A pointing tip is available for general through-hole and SMD works and a flat tip is available for soldering components that require more heat.

Specification :

Operating Voltage: 240V
Rated Power: 30W
Bit type: Pointed 30W Rated
Safe for the use of dedicated and sensitive Components.
Maximum Heat transfer efficiency.
Slide on a Replaceable tip.
Cool Grip Insulating Nylon Handle
High Quality Built Material.
Portable, Lightweight and easy to use.

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