KFL08 8mm Pillow Block Flange Bearing Diameter

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This is a bearing with flange for easy mounting. Useful for supporting shaft ends through bearings, so that performance of linear assembly, lead screw, etc is maximised.



This 8mm Inner Diameter Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Flange Bearing KFL08 is a quality flanged ball bearing end mount, widely used in CNC and 3D printing applications. Made from a zinc-aluminum alloy, it houses a 608 bearing, which supports linear shafts, leadscrews or ball screws. Secured using two grub screws, this bearing mount is a convenient option for your project or CNC machine.

The insert bearings are the deep groove ball bearings with wide inner rings. Pillow Block Flange Bearing is widely used in various types of machinery, such as machinery and equipment, conveyors, machine manufacturing etc.

Great alignment support for the screw as it turns to keep your print head or cutter in perfect alignment while moving. What makes these special is you can lock the T8 screw in place while the bearing lets it the spin. They can align with ease during operation and can be conveniently mounted or dismounted.

The bearing unit is supplied with a fully sealed bearing inserts fitted in the oval cast aluminium housing. The bearing insert that self-aligns in the housing has 2 grub screws to allow tightening of the shaft once fitted. The supplied insert can be removed from the housings for future replacement as required.

Features :

  • Popularly used to support ends of shafts and couplers. Open unsupported shaft ends can be mounted to a fixed surface with a bearing for best performance
  • Popularly used at the ends of linear motion assemblies to hold guide rails and threads
  • Setscrew/grub screw available to mount shaft to the bearing
  • It inserts in housing work as a unit bearing.
  • The housing is mainly casting or pressed steel.
  • The bearing units are compact in design with perfect sealing devices.





Zinc Alloy

Inner Diameter (ID) (mm)


Outer Diameter (OD)(mm)


Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)


Shipment Weight

0.03 kg

Shipment Dimensions

6 × 6 × 4 cm


These units are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. It can range from shafts supported by single to several bearings units. For example:

  • Popularly used to support the ends of linear motion assemblies
  • Flanged bearings are most commonly used in light-duty applications requiring linear motion or shaft end support
  • Used in mechanism of food processing machinery, conveyors, material handling, belt drives in HVAC, textile machines, baggage systems, medical processing and various other light-duty industrial applications
  • Also used in CNC, 3D Printers, Laser Cutting and Plotting Machines in linear assemblies
  • Belt drives connecting motors and pumps
  • Long shafts connecting motors and industrial gearboxes
  • Conveyor belt roller
  • Rolling mills
  • Ventilation systems
  • Paper machines

Why are these types of bearings needed?

Flanged bearings are most commonly used when the application requires the bearing to be locked in place. The design engineer will want to lock the bearing axially, along the shaft, or perpendicular to the shaft, radially, depending on his application. A flanged bearing is used in this instance to help withstand axial thrusting. If there is any axial load or axial push on the bearing, the flange will prevent the bearing from moving axially.

What applications benefit from these types of ball bearings?

Any application that will require a bearing to be mounted in a high vibration area, as well as any application that requires high axial loads, will benefit from using a flanged bearing.  Automotive applications are a good example; all vehicle components must be able to withstand high vibrations. The design engineer needs to be able to select and assemble a bearing that will withstand vibrations, as well as high temperatures. Therefore, adhesive or interference fit in the assembly of a bearing into an automotive application is often insufficient. In order to insure long life and durability of the bearing, the selection comes down to a flanged bearing. A flanged bearing will maintain its position and will survive the hostile environment and vibration within the vehicle. If necessary, assembly of a flanged bearing can also include a secondary attachment, like a retaining clip.

Very high temperatures will also require the selection of a flanged bearing.  Under the hood applications, where temperatures are often around 180°C and the presence of materials such as those between a ball bearing and a housing or shaft, it will create a different rate of thermal expansion.

For example, a steel bearing is pressed into aluminum housing; the housing may expand earlier than the steel bearing thus losing the interference with the bearing.  The use of a flanged bearing in this application will hold the bearing in place axially – regardless of the imbalance in the expansion rate.

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