Wireless Charging Power Supply Module Charger Coil 20mm

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The XKT001 chip is a new wireless charging solution. The working voltage is from 3.3V to 18V. Below, you can directly use a 4.2V lithium battery to directly provide power for the transmitting part. The chip adopts the S0T23-6 package, the size can be further compressed.
A large number of optimizations have also been made on peripheral devices to further reduce the size of the finished product and further optimize the production process and cost. The working frequency of the chip design is 1KHz-3.5MKHz, which allows the chip to have more frequency choices in circuit design.
Its high-frequency output can use PC8E printed coils instead of winding wire resistance and achieve high-power output, which can be greatly To simplify the production process, the chip has reserved a high-sensitivity control period (pin 6) to set high to open and set low to close.
In engineering design, control signals can be applied to it to meet special requirements such as low power consumption. It can also apply a control signal lower than the working frequency to control the working state of the working end of the receiving part, so that the back-end functional design has more diversity and freedom
  • Small size, the package is SOT23-6
  • High working frequency
  • High integration, few peripheral components
  • High output power
  • Wide range of applications
  • Free design of control functions
  • Under special design, the working status of the receiving part can be controlled
  • Working voltage: DC3.3V~18V
  • Working frequency: 1KHz~3.5MHz


  • It can be used for battery charging and wireless direct power supply for embedded products
  • Medical products
  • Security Systems

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1 x Wireless Charging Power Supply Module Charger Coil 20mm


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