PCB Holder Helping Hand with Magnifier Lens & Soldering Iron Stand Third Hand

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This is a very practical loupe magnifier in an engineers life. It is designed especially for extra sharpness and clarity. It can enlarge fine detail in circuit boards, components, soldering and also in jewelry, maps, newspapers, directories, legal documents, coins, stamps and antiques etc. When it is not currently being used,, the lens can be retracted in the body. The design, it is so compact and lightweight that it can be easily put into your pocket/small bag wherever you go.

The tool that is seen on every electronics workbench. The third-hand holds a PCB board as you solder it. Its arms are fully adjustable in all directions and help to give you maximum flexibility. Its bottom arm has two alligator clips on either side which can be used to fix boards. Also, the third hand comes in handy when you have to tin wire ends, solder parts, etc. A high-power magnifying glass magnifies the point being soldered. The magnifying glass can also be rotated and adjusted to any desired position.

The whole tool is fixed onto a heavy base which gives maximum stability. This Item comes with an Inbuilt LED light and Soldering Stand. 

Features : 

  • A Useful Aid For Soldering or Model Making
  • Adjustable Crocodile Holding Clamps
  • The bottom Battery Compartment is Furnished with a Steel Plate which can Enhance Stability. 
  • With Five LED Lighting, this model can work well in dark environments.
  • Required external 3 x AAA batteries( the light on this model can continuously work for up to 10 hours on good quality batteries)

Specification : 

  • Main Lens Size: 65mm
  • Accessorial lens Size: 17mm
  • Batteries: LR03AAA (Not Included inside)
  • Welding holder size : length 6.3cm/2.48in, Diameter 2.7cm & 1.8cm / 1.06in & 0.71in
  • Magnifying Multiple: 3.5X
Package Included:
1 x PCB Helping Hand with Magnifier & Soldering Iron Stand 5 LED Light Third Hand
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