5V Portable USB Soldering Iron 8W

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This USB-powered soldering iron is a must-have for hobbyists. It runs on a USB port and can be powered from USB Chargers, Power Banks, Laptops, Computers, etc. It is compact and fully portable. Perfect for doing electronics soldering and repairs on the go. It lets you solder without having to worry about a suitable 220V Mains socket like conventional soldering irons. Rapid heat up and cooling means you can work efficiently and quickly. The small tip makes it perfect for SMD work and other small soldering jobs. Comes with a Long life tip and a Protective cap for the tip. Switch lets users turn on/off the soldering iron as required.

This soldering iron comes with USB Cable, a Metal Stand for the Soldering Iron, a Tip Cover, and a Small coil of solder to help you get started with soldering. So it includes everything required to get you started with soldering.


  • Supply Voltage:5V
  • Power: 8-10W
  • Temperature (adjustable): 330-450℃
  • Tin melting time: <15S
  • Auto sleep time: 10min

Packing List:
1 X Portable USB Soldering Iron (5V, 8W)

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