P100-J1 Pogo Pin with Round Head for PCB Testing

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Spring Loaded Test Pin for use in Test Jigs. Use them to make connections to PCB Test Pads and Holes for quick testing and production.
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These 33mm spring-loaded pogo pins are great for programming and applications where you don't always want headers soldered onto your boards. We use them for our programming jigs in production. The pins fit snugly into most standard perf board holes. Solder them just like you would normal wire. This unit has a round tip.

Pogo pins are little spring-loaded contacts, very handy for making jigs, or making momentary (but electrically solid) contacts. We use them by the dozen for making programming and testing jigs but they're handy also if say you want to JTAG program a board that you cant solder headers to - just shove these thin contacts into a 0.1" pitch IDC programming cable and press it onto the contacts. The Pogo Pins come in different Tip styles - flat, conical, rounded, crown, etc. This pin comes with round tip. This tip is great for making connections to PCB Test Points without leaving a mark on the PCB


  • Model: P100-J1
  • Length: 33mm
  • Travel: 6.5mm
  • Dia : 1.36mm
  • Full Stroke: 6.5mm
  • Current: 3A
  • Resistance: 50mΩ
  • Spring Pressure: 100g
  • Color: Gold+Silver

Package Includes:

1 x P100-J1 Pogo Pin

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