30 RPM Johnson Geared Motor DC 12V for Robotics

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It is a simple DC motor featuring metal gearbox for driving the shaft of the motor, so it is a mechanically commutated electric motor which is powered from DC supply. The Johnson Geared Motors are known for their compact size and massive torque-speed characteristic.

The Johnson Motor comes with side shaft also known as an off-centered shaft and six M3 mounting holes. The shaft of the motor equips metal bushes which makes these DC gear motors Shaft wear resistant. The shaft of the motor has a hole for better coupling.

The motor will run smoothly between the voltage range 6 to 18 V DC and give you 30 RPM at 12V supply. It provides the torque of 9.4 kg-cm at 30 RPM.

The Johnson Geared Motor gives very good torque at an affordable price hence they are widely applicable in Pan/Tilt camera, auto shutter, welding machines, water meter IC card, grill, oven, cleaning machine garbage disposers, household appliances, slot machines, money detector, automatic actuator, coffee machine, towel disposal, lighting coin refund devices, the peristaltic pump and so on.

Also, they are best suitable with highly developing capable robots or robotic platform, various automation purposes.


Power Supply: 12V DC
RPM: 30
Rated Torque: 9.4 Kg-cm 
6mm Dia shaft with M3 thread hole
Gearbox diameter: 37 mm
Motor Diameter: 28.5 mm
Length without shaft: 63 mm
Shaft length: 30mm
Weight: 180gm
No-load current = 800 mA, Load current = upto 7.5 A(Max)
Recommended to be used with DC Motor Driver 20A or Dual DC Motor Driver 20A


The motor has sturdy construction.
Shaft equips metal bushes for long life.
It comes with High-Quality gears.
The shaft has a hole for better coupling.

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